Real Estate Photography

Real Estate Photography

What sets WrongBird apart?

WrongBird is focused on blending the art and science of aerial imagery to help you connect with your clients. For us, taking pictures is just the beginning, and it’s our process that sets us apart. From the moment we take off, to our advanced post-processing techniques, we leverage our technical skills to bring you the best image possible.

Finding the Right Angle

Aerial imagery is all about finding the right angle. Seeing a property from a higher perspective can communicate the size and shape of a property more convincingly than a series of photos taken from eye level. Most home buyers aren’t just looking for a house to live in, but a property that meets their needs. By getting the camera in the air, we can help you highlight the wooded section of the lot, or show the potential buyer how the layout of the out-buildings is to their advantage.

Basic and Advanced Color Grading

The human eye is still more perceptive than the most advanced camera.  At WrongBird we use color grading to compensate for the limitations of technology.

In the image above, taken of the West Baden Hotel in French Lick this winter, the un-corrected section is what you get straight out of the camera. You’ll notice that the image just looks a bit flat overall. Nothing jumps out at you and the sky is uninspiring. It’s easy to overlook this image, as it does nothing to really draw you in. While all of our images start out un-corrected, we always do at least a basic color grade to improve quality.
Our basic color grading process is an improvement, but it is also designed for a quick turn around, meaning we use automated processes to correct your images, so that you can have them in hand and put them to work right away. You’ll notice in this section, that the sky starts to show some of the color that our eye naturally sees, and the image itself becomes less flat, and is a more accurate representation of what it was actually like to be in French Lick this particular morning. It isn’t a perfect image, but it is much closer to what your eye would naturally see.
When you elect to use our advanced color grading process, each image gets individual attention, ensuring that we bring forward every bit of interest and detail in the original photo. It captures the experience of being in French Lick on a cold morning, as the mist rises from the surrounding hills, and communicates that feeling to the viewer. Advanced color grading isn’t about creating a false representation of a property, but instead helping the image portray the truth of that moment. The image has plenty of contrast, without obscuring detail, and draws you in for a second look.

Advanced Photography

In addition to color grading, we use advanced photographic techniques to ensure you get an image that doesn’t just capture the facts of the property, but also the feeling of it. When you take a photograph, you are capturing one specific moment in time, and you want that moment to represent your property well. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that we don’t just provide you with a snapshot that doesn’t tell the story of the property. To help tell the story of the property, we use weather to our advantage, and we often step back from the property itself to give a potential buyer the context of a property.

In the above image, you can watch as your home is built from the ground up, cuddle up to the fire as an early winter snow moves through, or feel the energy of a city that is just waking up to face the day. Panoramas are a great way to provide the context of the property you are offering for sale, and they are one our favorite techniques to highlight a property.


When a still image just isn’t enough to really tell the story of the property, we turn to videography to more fully capture the unique selling points of a property. Video offers more to your listing than pictures alone can capture.  Introduce a client to a property without even walking out your front door.